Luthier Lights (tm)

What are Luthier Lights?

 Luthier  LightsTM   are the solution to the age old shop problem of how to  effectively light the interior of instruments for inspection or repairs,  such as setting sound posts. Using high tech flexible LED lighting,  Luthier LightsTM are designed to provide good lighting for different  instruments, by offering specific lighting heads for each type of  instrument. A head designed to correctly light a violin or viola,  wouldn’t provide enough light for a bass, and a head designed for a  bass, would be too bright for a violin. The heads are powered by a  plug-in switching power supply operating from 110VAC. The lighting heads  are interchangeable, and a single power supply is all that is necessary  to use any of the heads. 

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The high efficiency LEDs used in  Luthier LightsTM are daylight white (6,000 K), and, while not heat  free, are cooler than other lights.

Below, is a chart showing light emission and power consumption for the different lighting heads offered.

           HEAD TYPE                   LIGHT EMISSION                  POWER CONSUMPTION

          Violin/Viola                          47 Lumens                                       0.51 Watt

          Cello/Guitar                         95 Lumens                                      1.02 Watt

          Cello/Bass                         142 Lumens                                      1.54 Watt

WIND Leak Lights (tm)

 The  WIND LEAK LIGHT is another product that I am offering. These are about  24" long, and will fit into a wind instrument as small as a piccolo. The  wire is stiff enough to push into an instrument, but flexible enough to  handle curves. The lighting is the same as used to light up a double  bass, so is very bright. 


What do our customers think of luthier lights?


      *“Just unwrapped the luthier light and stuck it in my viola . . . .  awesome!!! So much better than my   cumbersome bend-a-light, what a  great  product and idea! Looking forward to my next sound post setting  for once . . .”

    *“The lights arrived to today .. they are great, what a difference they make, many thanks!”

     *“Apparently, once you start using your colleague’s luthier light for  setting soundposts, you can't go back to your old light.  I wanted to  put this purchase off, but that would only lead me to additional  frustration.”

    *“I just set a cello sound post using this for the first time. Wow. It  made the whole process so much easier. Amazingly easier.  Let there be  light! I can SEE!!!!! If you work on instruments, esp. celli, you owe it  to yourself to get one of these.”

    *"It's a fantastic product! I received mine today, certainly made me wonder how I got by without it before.”


Examples of things you can see with Luthier Lights (tm)

Endoscope views


With an inexpensive USB endoscope, you can get great views of internal structure. The lights built into these endoscopes are totally inadequate, and extra lighting with Luthier Lights, really makes it work.

Sizes for all instruments


Here's the inside of a double bass lit up with a Luthier Light

Inside a guitar


Our cello/guitar size is perfect for this size instrument.

Through the endpin hole


Even without an endoscope, you can get a much better view of things. Great for setting soundposts.

More with an endoscope


Great view of the neck block. It doesn't work well without a Luthier Light.

More with an endoscope


Cleats, bassbar, blocks. You can see it all with help from Luthier Lights.

Prices and shipping


(As of Feb. 1, 2020. Prices subject to change without notice. Power supply styles may change due to availability.)

Fractional  (1/4 and smaller) Violin Luthier Light TM w/power supply.   $34.00

Violin Luthier LightTM w/power supply.     $38.00

Cello/Guitar Luthier LightTM w/power supply.  $42.00

Bass/Cello Luthier LightTM w/power supply    $45.00

Violin/Cello Luthier LightTM combo w/2 heads and /power supply.  $60.00

Violin/Bass Luthier LightTM combo w/2 heads and /power supply.  $63.00

Violin/Cello/Bass Luthier LightTM combo w/3 heads and /power supply.  $88.00

Wind Leak Light (24” long) w/ power supply.  $45.00

Replacement/extra Power supply (w/ 6 ft. cord)       $16.00

Replacement/extra Violin Luthier LightTM head.   $22.00

Replacement/extra Cello/Guitar Luthier LightTM head.   $26.00

Replacement/extra Bass/Cello Luthier LightTM head.   $29.00

Note: Both US and EU power supplies are available

*New York State residents must pay 8% sales tax.

Shipping and handling to US addresses is $8.50

(Shipping for up to 2 sets. Contact me for shipping on larger quantities.)

International Shipping is $28.00 to Canada, $45.00 for other countries (for up to 2 sets). 


 The  quickest way to order the lights is with Paypal invoices. Send me an  email with your name and shipping address, and the items that you would  like to purchase. I will send out a Paypal invoice that will allow you  to pay with a credit card, or your Paypal account. Paypal invoices do  not require a Paypal account. You can use a credit card, and check out  as a guest. As soon as I receive payment notification, I’ll ship your  order out. I generally ship within a day or two. Shipping is by USPS  Priority Mail.