I  typically have a selection of restored instruments on hand. I also have  a few, new, student grade instruments in stock. I also have a selection  of student grade bows, and carry a limited selection of strings and  accessories. Please note that I only do local sales on instruments. I'm a  firm believer that the player should try the instrument, and compare it  to other instruments, at the same time, before buying. Below are a few  examples.

I  also have agreements and accounts set up  with many distributors, and  can generally get special orders in quite quickly, and I try to match or  beat most other vendors..



Along  with my LUTHIER LIGHTS, I also have violin size poly bow bags(pkg. of  50) for sale, and a very interesting Micarta bow head spline material.  Contact me for prices on these.

 Payments accepted are cash and check. Credit cards accepted through PayPal. 


Here are a few of the instruments that i have for sale

Nippon violin 4/4 pre-1921

This  is a decent instrument , made in Japan during the early part of the  20th. century. I've seen a few of these, and they're all pretty nicely  made. This one has a very distinctive Manchurian maple back! Very  interesting, swooping vertical flames! Although this is a slightly lower  grade than some of the Nippon instruments that I've worked on, it's  nicely restored and set up



eduard reichert, dresden , 1910


EDUARD REICHERT, Dresden, 1910

This 4/4 violin is in very nice condition. Some restoration work, and a nice set up, make this a great find.



Ton-Klar "herrMann"


This is a 4/4 German violin from around 1960-70. Nicely restored and set up.




This  is a German violin from the Markneukirchen area, from around 1900.  These were mass produced instruments that as originally made , were  pretty run of the mill. I did some pretty  extensive work on this one to  bring it up to a nice standard.



18th Century, prague region


An  opinion from one of the finest restorers around, says that this  instrument is from the late 18th. century, from a decent shop in the  Prague region. This instrument has had a lot of general restoration work  done, to bring it into a nice, restored condition. Custom set up to  make it a great player.



kohr k505


This  is a brand new instrument, set up in my shop. It's a very nice quality  Chinese instrument that I purchased with out anything on it, and did a  custom set up. That includes pegs, strings, bridge, tailpiece, and sound  post. A great buy.